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 The Coalition of Behavioral Health Services is a broad-based community coalition and 501(c)(3) organization made up of over 75 organizations and individuals.
Our mission is to raise awareness, provide education, and partner with community sectors to prevent and reduce the problem and effects of substance abuse and related mental and physical health disorders in the Greater Houston area.
We connect and involve stakeholders from all walks of life to work together to improve local policy and practice and to increase public and private resources to our area. We do this by increasing awareness, providing education, mobilizing local communities, advocating for improved services and supports, and collaborating with others on projects that forward our mission.
Please join us in our work to create a better future for the Greater Houston community!

  • Legal Status: A Texas Non-Profit (501c3) Corporation with a 10-Member Board of Directors & Advisory Council

  • Existence: More than 20 years

  • Membership: 75+ organizations and individuals

  • Recent Recognition: Both local and national recognition (2010-2014) for youth drug prevention work in Houston, and local recognition from Houston Chapter, Texas Association of Addiction Professionals for making a direct impact on the provision of prevention and education services in the chemical dependency field.


We live in a vibrant, informed, and compassionate community

that supports fellow community members at the prevention level, 

in treatment settings, and during their journey to a meaningful life in recovery.

guiding principles

  • Access to service begins with knowledge of existing services 

  • Education fosters understanding which fosters wisdom 

  • Knowing a person makes all the difference 

  • Working together works

  • Great things can happen when communities get connected 

  • The community must recover, too!

  • Lives can be saved


what we work to accomplish
  • Influence policy & legislation 

  • Mobilize neighborhoods & communities 

  • Change organizational practices 

  • Foster coalitions & networks 

  • Educate providers & clinicians

  • Promote & provide community education

  • Strengthen individual knowledge & skills

  • Assure access to quality behavioral health care



it's what's on the inside that counts

To view a copy of the Coalition's most recent Form 990, please click here.

To view our conflict of interest policy, please click here.

If you would like to view copies of minutes of the Coalition Board meetings, please contact Sandy Olson at


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